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Club Membership

Currently Club membership is limited to 125. Current membership includes past and present employees of the Snowy Mountains Authority.


As a cooperative club, Tate Ski Club is a non-profit making organisation.  Membership fees and accommodation charges are based on cost recovery.  As a result Tate aims to provide affordable family accommodation to members and families who come from a broad range of occupations and backgrounds.

Membership Admission Policy

The intention of the admission policy is to ascertain if a candidate for membership is likely to be an active member in all respects and also if they
are likely to accept and be accepted by the members.


  • Applicants for Tate Ski Club membership must be invited/sponsored by an existing member.


  • Applicants are assessed on meeting all the criteria detailed in the Membership Policy.


  • Applications will be considered by the Board only after the applicant has met all the application criteria


  • The Club is not bound to accept an application even though the applicant has met all the application criteria, and need not offer any reason
    for the refusal.


FAQs re Membership


Submitting Applications

Applicants must obtain  from their sponsoring member, and complete, the following documents:


Application Form

Please send applications to the Club Secretary by either:


Or post:  Tate Ski Club Co-Operative Ltd 
                GPO Box 1640, Canberra ACT 2601

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